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Comprehensive Cancer Genomic Profiling test, NovoPM™ provides clinicians, a tool to study the genetic causes of solid cancer and identify potential targeted therapies available. By analysing over 450 genes for clinically important alteration, which are known to be relevant for the diagnosis and/or treatment of various solid tumours according to National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN) guidelines and medical literature.

Why choose NovoPM?

  • Comprehensive Results NovoPM interrogates the complete coding regions of 484 genes and the introns of 43 genes, detects all four types of genomic abnormalities (SNV, InDel, CNV and fusion) and assesses the tumor mutation load (TMB, bTMB and MSI). These data, taken together, can help guide cancer immunotherapies


  • Flexible Test: Applicable to both tissue and blood samples.
  • Reliable Performance: Comprehensive analytical validation has been completed and the test includes rigorous quality control measures.
  • Competitive Price With the world’s largest sequencing capacity and superior process efficiency, Novogene provides highly competitive prices for all our services.
  • Small panel testing is available upon request.

What is NovoPM Process?

Speak with your clinician to understand whether NovoPM is a suitable test for you. The test, itself, either requires a tissue biopsy and/or blood sample from you. Results will be release within 2 weeks upon receipt of completed specimen kits. Contact your nearest Clearbridge Medical Group representative for more information.

Test limitations

NovogeneAIT only provides a technical report and is not a professional interpretation report. Your sample is processed in a CAP-accredited laboratory. Information provided above are for illustration purposes only. For further advise on your medical condition, do consult and seek professional advice of a specialist / clinician in order to determine the appropriate clinical solution for you. NovoPM is proudly brought to you in partnership with Clearbridge Medical Group.