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Validated in a CAP-accredited and CLIA-certified lab using Next Generation Sequencing methods, the test is a tool that gives a comprehensive analysis of 30 genes associated with the most common hereditary cancers: breast, colorectal, melanoma, pancreatic, prostate, ovarian, stomach and uterine. Reports integrate guidelines to assist in the development of personalised screening and prevention plans for patients. The product has performed blinded validation studies and all genetic variants were detected with >99% accuracy.

  • Benefits

    • Early detection
    • Affordable and accessible genetic testing for hereditary cancer
    • Cutting edge lab, team and processes that generate reliable results
    • Genetic counselling available upon request
    • Collaborate with top institutions and scientists collaborate to advance cancer research
  • Recommended For

    The Hereditary Cancer Gene Test is for anyone seeking advice on their genetic hereditary risk for cancer.

    This test is recommended for:

    • Patients with a personal or family history of cancer
    • Patients and their families with a known family mutation
    • Patients who have been denied or do not meet the criteria for insurance
    • Patients who are interested in learning more about their genetics
  • Process

    Results will be released within 3 to 4 weeks upon receipt of completed specimen kits.

    However, the actual time will be subject to the data associated with each unique sample.

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